SHARE Teaching & Lectures

1) Closure of cleft lips with wave line incisions according to Pfeifer
     M. Bergermann and C. Tilkorn (Interplast-Germany)

2) Closure of cleft palates
     M. Bergermann and C. Tilkorn (Interplast-Germany)

3) Functional disability due to burn scars in developing countries
      A. Borsche, R. Zilliox, N. Alamuti, JP. Nicolai (Interplast-Germany/France)

4) Transposition Flaps
     A. Borsche (Interplast-Germany)

5) Flaps in hand surgery
     N. Kläber (Interplast-Germany)

6) Plastic surgery under challenging conditions
     P. Knipper (Interplast France)

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